Frequently Asked Questions

What is TA Crypto all about?

TA Crypto is a community founded by long time traders whose aim is providing a reliable, useful, and educational gathering place for traders and investors to bounce ideas off of each other while furthering our education and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, other markets, and trading in general.

What is TA Crypto NOT about?
  • First and foremost, we are NOT a pump and dump group
  • We are NOT a ‘signals’ group.
  • We do NOT ‘make calls’
  • We do NOT have tiered memberships or otherwise restrict and/or limit information flow to any member.
  • We are NOT financial advisors, nor is any information found anywhere within TA Crypto meant to be construed as financial advice.
I registered, now what?

Immediately upon signing up for any of our memberships lengths, including free trial, you will receive a confirmation email with your membership request.  You will also receive another email as soon as possible with your unique invite link to our discord server.

Do I have to participate?

While we encourage all members to actively participate in conversation, there is certainly no requirement to do so.  We require nothing of our members beyond being respectful to the community as a whole.

What can I find here?

In addition to our 24/7 live chat room, we have gathered a vast quantity of information covering a wide array of topics to share throughout our community.  With many eyes covering many corners of the market, we are able to sift through and share information with each other on a real-time basis.

Where can I find it?

Once registering with a valid email address, you will receive a unique link to our TA Crypto discord server where you will find our chat rooms and the vast majority of our other tools and features.  

When you first join our discord server, you will find yourself in our #welcome channel where you will find basic information on getting started.  Also, be sure to check our #table-of-contents channel for a more detailed list and brief description of each channel.

Who runs the show around here?

Our aim is to allow the community to be as self-governing as realistically possible.  We do not engage in the practice of screening, filtering, or deleting messages and we take steps to ensure each member of the community has an equal voice.  We want to help facilitate the flow of information, not filter or otherwise restrict it.

With that in mind, admin status for the time being is reserved for our 2 founders, @pjmorin20 and @Noah.

What’s the catch with your referral program?

There isn’t any! No catch, no obscure loopholes, or anything like that.  It’s simple: We will reward you with 10% of ANY and ALL membership fees collected from your referrals for as long as they remain a member with no lifetime maximum.  

We have created an entire section on our website for members to track their referrals, generate their own custom referral link,  request payment, and more. This can be found in your account page by clicking the link to the referrals section.

What platform do you use?

We use Discord. Create an account here:

Is TA Crypto on other platforms?

Yes!  While all content will be streamlined through our Discord server, you can find us on multiple social media platforms.

Find us and follow us at:

Twitter:  @pjmorin20

Tradingview: @pjmorin20

Medium: @TACrypto

YouTube: @TACrypto (content coming soon)

What happens right after I pay?

Immediately upon completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your payment details and receipt.  You will also immediately be able to log-in to your account and view your payment details and subscription there. Our system will then verify and add you to the Discord channel shortly.

How do I change my renewal interval or cancel my subscription?
  1. First, navigate to your 'My Account' page

  2. Once you are logged in, on the left, you will see 'My Subscriptions.' Click that.

  3. You will see your subscription level there and to the left, you will see the 'view' button. Click that.

  4. Click on 'Change Renewal Interval' to be taken to the modify membership page.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and choose your new plan in the drop down menu and then click on 'Subscribe.'

  6. If you proceeded with the steps correctly, you should be in the checkout with the new subscription renewal interval chosen and the total should say $0.00.

    The new renewal price and interval (1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, etc.) will take effect once the existing plan is over. Thus, you won't need to provide any payment details when switching plans; however, by checking out, you are agreeing to pay the fee once your existing plan is up. If you paid with fiat, you are agreeing to automatically pay the new renewal price for the membership term length selected. If you paid with crypto, you will get an invoice once due and you can pay manually then. If you want to change your payment method from fiat to crypto or vice versa during your membership renewal interval change, please follow the steps outlined in the "Can I pay one payment with fiat and the next with crypto (or vice versa)?" FAQ question below.
What payment methods you do accept?

We accept all major credit cards and select cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase including BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC.

Can I pay one payment with fiat and the next with crypto (or vice versa)?

Yes! If you bought a subscription with one payment type such as fiat, you can pay your future bill (weekly, monthly, etc.) with cryptocurrencies.

To switch from fiat to crypto, you must cancel your recurring billing. To do so, simply go into your account page and go to the subscriptions page and hit cancel. Your subscription will then cancel when it has expired and not renew with the pre-approved recurring payment device. You can now use another payment card (fiat) or pay with crypto for your next bill.

To switch from crypto to fiat, simply just pay your next invoice with fiat, as there is no recurring billing to cancel with crypto.

How do I access the downloads section?

Please go to your account page and navigate to the downloads section.

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