About Us


Our founders were inspired to create TA Crypto after having met one another in an online IRC chat room dedicated to trading, over 10 years ago.  After turning their sights towards the cryptocurrency market, they soon grew frustrated at the lack of reliable information and gathering places for like-minded traders to discuss and share ideas.

With their firm belief in integrity and transparency, our founders created TA Crypto in an effort to share their passion while bringing an air of legitimacy that is all-too-often lacking in cryptocurrency marketplaces.



PJ first got interested in the financial markets in 2001 and soon opened his first account at Fidelity where he bought his first 2 stocks. It was not long before trading and investing turned into a lifelong passion that continues to grow almost 2 decades later.

He switched to trading ‘full time’ in late 2007, right in time for the financial crisis the following year. Since then, he has made his living trading stocks, futures, options, commodities, forex, and of course, cryptocurrencies. PJ is a self-taught trader who has devoted his life to honing his craft and sharing his passion for the unparalleled opportunities for financial freedom that trading and investing offer.


At the age of 11 Noah read his first book on investing. Penny stocks first lit the fire and opened the door to the possibilities. In the mid 1980’s, at 12 years old Noah and his 14 year old business partner dabbled with the import business attempting to import Japanese books and toys in a little known genre that would later be known as anime. Decades later and with the introduction of computer based trading platforms Noah jumped headlong into the financial markets trading stocks, options, ETF’s and futures.

In 2008, an article about Bitcoin, its creation, and its mission piqued his interest once again. As cryptocurrencies multiplied and flourished it became apparent that there was a need for a genuine and honest cryptocurrency forum where the goal was education and development of trading techniques applicable to the new crypto markets. TA Crypto was born.

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