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We are a supportive community of traders whose many eyes combined can cover a greater area of the market than we can on our own

Building a Community Together

Our TA Crypto community provides a friendly, safe, and information-packed environment for trading enthusiasts of ALL experience levels.

From the first day newcomer, to the veteran who has been around for decades, together, we can help create and maintain a community that is a reliable, no-nonsense landing spot for those looking to take advantage of the exploding opportunities of this asset class.

We instill a sense of open-mindedness without pushing any strong opinions or agendas, while still remaining professional and courteous.

Who we Are

The 2 founders of TA Crypto have a combined 30 years of trading experience, trading upwards of $50 million a year (net) each, in many asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and of course, cryptocurrencies! 

While our primary focus in this community is on crypto, we encourage traders of all markets to join us including forex, stocks, futures, commodities, and others. 

Our experience, along with the knowledge each member brings to the community, provides an unparalleled virtual hive of knowledge. 



Our excellent


While centered around a 24/7 live chat room, we also offer a wide array of other tools and resources to round out our community

Custom Data Analytics

Custom built BitMEX Hourly Data Analytics and custom equal-weighted BTC composite index​

Sentiment Changes Screener

Custom built screener to track online sentiment changes + automated price information from several bots

Custom Spreadsheets

Custom built Spreadsheet Screeners for all Binance coins.

In-Focus Discussions

Educated, thoughtful, and helpful discussions with a desire to learn and grow as a community.

Daily Market Summaries

Daily Market Summaries covering BTC and alt coin markets

Educational Content/Lessons

Information surrounding Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Mining, Bots, Passive Income, and more

Real-Time Market Data Tracking

Real-time Market Data Tracking Analytics for Volume, RSI, and more

Coin Watch List

Highlighted coins to watch and set-ups to look out for and analyze

Consistent Growth

Steady stream of new tools, resources, and projects to help our community succeed

News & Information Feeds

Curated news and information from multiple sources with necessary connections to current market affairs

Forex + Traditional Market

Analysis and discussion of other markets besides crypto and bridging the fundamentals to crypto.

Reading Lists + Helpful Links

Comprehensive list of recommended readings and helpful links to tools and resources

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Our Community

What makes TA Crypto different from other premium services?


We have created an environment where EACH member is a valued part of the community and feel the sum is greater than its parts.

We encourage active participation and engagement in sharing your thoughts and ideas alongside other like-minded individuals in a friendly, noise-and-hype-free environment.

committed members

By asking for a nominal subscription fee, we are ensuring your commitment to the community as a whole, that your presence and participation does not detract from our main objective in providing a trusted platform for those who are serious about trading and furthering their education of the markets, investing, etc.

We want to build a long-lasting, tight-knit community; not a short-term revolving door.

we are not a signals / P&D Group

We firmly believe in the old adage that you give a man a fish and he is fed for a day. Teach a man to fish, however, and he is fed for life. With that in mind, we do not feel that a signals group offering ‘calls’ is very beneficial to anyone in the long term.

We want to help teach you to think for yourself, to find a system that works for you that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable, long-term profitability. We provide a centralized location where our collection of resources can monitor this fast-paced, decentralized market and take advantage of the ever-emerging opportunities found in crypto.

It does not benefit us, or you, to offer a short-term, fly-by-night signal service. We want you to stick around for the long term and grow with our community, AS a community: because the more eyes watching the market, the more beneficial it is to EVERY member.

Check us out Risk Free Today!

We invite you to join us and let the quality of the community represent itself. We value each member for their unique insight and commitment to succeed. The more members we have, the greater the flow of information which leads to smarter, better informed, and ultimately more profitable decisions for us all.

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